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by garte smith
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It’s Mellowflavorartist once again with mellow vibes for fathers!

Last month, I wrote an article about mothers’ day and shared a brief version of a letter I penned to a mother I never knew. Well, this article is attempting to honour fathers on this Fathers’ Day! As I would have expressed some time and place before, fathers tend not to receive the accolades mothers receive. Some are marginalized, forgotten, overlooked and even ostracized from some families. Whatever the reason, whatever the situation, I am simply the bearer of the good news today that there are so many fathers out there unbelievably worthy of our praise. So without further adieu, here is the full version of a tribute I wrote to fathers in my book “Poet Soul: Moving Gracefully to A Fresh Beat”. This book can be obtained from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. But more importantly, for this moment as the words speak to your soul, I trust that they will assist you in placing your father and father-figures on the pedestal they so deserve!