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by garte smith
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  What is your seating preference when you have the chance to choose your place in a car, theatre, cinema, church, or other public places? Do you always precipitate towards the front or do you sheepishly saunter to the backseat? What are the odds of seeing, hearing and being totally lost in the moment on a backseat ride? With several songs out about the backseat ride, what exactly does a backseat ride mean to you? Take a listen.

Who knows about your backseat ride?

Well, being in a backseat is relative to everyone. You see, being in a backseat might mean getting your fantasy, desires, or dreams fulfilled. Those attributes might be personal or sexual. However, riding a backseat might mean that you prefer to plant yourself in that position, knowing very well that being in that seat will bring you all the joys, excitement and gratification of a lifetime rather than being in the spotlight in the front seat.