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Las Vegas Massacre

by Maria Hamilton
Comments are off for this post. Las Vegas Massacre A couple nights ago, our television screens were plastered with pandemonium in Las Vegas. Was it hedonism gone wild? Was freedom of speech, a march gone ballistic? Was it a love affair gone sour? Was a speeding motorist gone psycho? No one knew exactly what the situation was, except for those who might have been heard briefly from loved ones trapped in the mayhem. There I was sipping my tea, when I learnt of the massacre in Las Vegas. Of course, speculations of terrorism loomed large as the unscathed tell their story, other survivors, reporters, loved […]

Devastation in Texas – Closed!

by Maria Hamilton
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Devastation in Texas – Closed! People clinging for dear life to trees, Animals swimming desperately, Senior citizens stuck in a viral flooded home; A sight too overwhelming to behold. To swim or escape to the roof, This decision a deceptive bate; Parents risk their lives, their infants a carriage, Trudging through murky waters’ gate.   25 billion or trillion gallons of rain? No possibility of instant drain! Chemicals, wastes, health crisis looms, In this vast body of water mosquitoes zoom. Whether anger, understanding, gruelling sorrow to express, Emotions swirling in excess! A toxic soup they may say, But thank God […]