Devastation in Texas – Closed!

by Maria Hamilton
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Devastation in Texas – Closed!

People clinging for dear life to trees,

Animals swimming desperately,

Senior citizens stuck in a viral flooded home;

A sight too overwhelming to behold.

To swim or escape to the roof,

This decision a deceptive bate;

Parents risk their lives, their infants a carriage,

Trudging through murky waters’ gate.


25 billion or trillion gallons of rain?

No possibility of instant drain!

Chemicals, wastes, health crisis looms,

In this vast body of water mosquitoes zoom.

Whether anger, understanding, gruelling sorrow to express,

Emotions swirling in excess!

A toxic soup they may say,

But thank God for those who made it to the break of day!


First responders, humanitarian swoop on Texas ground,

No greater outpouring of love, compassion and empathy found.

The suddenness of this catastrophic hurricane,

Bulldozed Houston, Texas without a care,

Unimaginable scenes, mindboggling sights,

Queuing volunteers so very dear.

No gold, diamond, pearl or bills too precious to donate

For the victims, just to cross over Jordan; a novel life anticipate

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