Las Vegas Massacre

by Maria Hamilton
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Las Vegas Massacre

A couple nights ago, our television screens were plastered with pandemonium in Las Vegas. Was it hedonism gone wild? Was freedom of speech, a march gone ballistic? Was it a love affair gone sour? Was a speeding motorist gone psycho? No one knew exactly what the situation was, except for those who might have been heard briefly from loved ones trapped in the mayhem.

There I was sipping my tea, when I learnt of the massacre in Las Vegas. Of course, speculations of terrorism loomed large as the unscathed tell their story, other survivors, reporters, loved ones and avid news consumers try desperately to comprehend.

Since then, three days later, that story still paints the screens of our televisions, phones, IPad, and the airwaves of all such technological gadgets. The wonderment, the woe, the astonishment still haunts our hearts. The FBI and other investigators excavate for reasons and answers.

And so, tonight, while I sip my tea and watch the news once again, my fingers danced across my laptop and here goes the poem on their behalf.

Keep Playing the Music, Las Vegas!

If music is life, play on…


Merriment turned chaos

Showers of bullets everywhere

Indiscriminate, non prejudicial hits

No evidence of care

No answers to rationale

Unanswered questions roam free

Gunshots dancing with glee

Nerd or insane

Nothing to gain

When cadavers grin

The limping, a turtle sprint

Incomprehensible tragedy

All so suddenly

Just give me a reason

Justify if you must

My gaping wound, a treasure

But which unassuming being to trust

Should comprehensive, entitlement checks

Supersede second amendment right

The din, the pandemonium

Disbelief perfumes the air

Grief and anger infuses mammoth acts of humanity

Rivers of blood washes the night

Just return my sanity!

Return my dreams!

Take my heart and return!

My brothers’ and sisters’ lying lifelessly!

Return my yesterday!

Return their tomorrow!

Return even our today!

Ah…..just return my ability to understand!

For music is life!

Musicians….the living,

Do not be deterred to play on!

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