Message in a Bottle!

by Maria Hamilton
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Have you ever loved someone in secret and hoped that someday he or she would get an inkling that you did? Have you ever admired someone from a distance and hoped that he or she would never find out what’s going on deep down in your mind and soul? Have you ever created a character to whom you would send emails to which there is no reply?

Be it fictitious or non-fictitious characters we might have experienced these weird but sometimes delightful fantasies wished never to wake up from our dream.

Fortunately, some of us get a chance to live out our fantasies and others don’t. Whatever your situation, do not deny yourself the fantasies you so well deserve. Come on, you’ve got one life; live it!

I refer to a portion of a poem I wrote some years ago and hope that you will be prompted to procure a copy of “Poetic Soul: Moving Gracefully to a New Beat” and “Dynamism in Poetry: Live Your Dream” or treat a relative or friend to a soulful, Goodread!


Return to Sender!


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