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  What is your seating preference when you have the chance to choose your place in a car, theatre, cinema, church, or other public places? Do you always precipitate towards the front or do you sheepishly saunter to the backseat? What are the odds of seeing, hearing and being totally lost in the moment on a backseat ride? With several songs out about the backseat ride, what exactly does a backseat ride mean to you? Take a listen.

Who knows about your backseat ride?

Well, being in a backseat is relative to everyone. You see, being in a backseat might mean getting your fantasy, desires, or dreams fulfilled. Those attributes might be personal or sexual. However, riding a backseat might mean that you prefer to plant yourself in that position, knowing very well that being in that seat will bring you all the joys, excitement and gratification of a lifetime rather than being in the spotlight in the front seat.

Having a ride in the backseat might mean that you lack the requisite self-esteem to perch on the front pew or in a front row. That being said, being in a backseat might also mean that you will miss opportunities of learning, growth and tremendous development.

The latter is what I really would like to focus on, as getting the ride of your lifetime means that you will have to change your place – change your seat! You have to decide if that ride will be in the front seat or the back. So, the question is: Doesn’t a motor vehicle take the main and pillion rider to the same destination? Does an automobile transport the chauffeur and the passenger to the same place? I would say “Not really”, “yes and no”.

You know, I have had the opportunity to observe students at the junior and senior high and also at the college levels how and where they place themselves or sit. The choice of seating for some speaks volumes about their personality, for some their preferences and for others their self-esteem. It would seem to be that although there exist backseaters with high self-esteem and who are able to learn and develop from that position, for the most part; backseaters are immobilized by fear and paralyzed by low self-esteem. And so as they continue to ride in that backseat, they are totally oblivious to the missed opportunities and sometimes fortunes that await them in the front row.  Most importantly, their visions are usually blurred by all the people sitting in front of them.

What do you see from your backseat?

Backseaters rarely see as lucidly as the main rider does. Notice that the chauffeur sees clearly through the windscreen and the rare view mirror while the passenger, though having clear side views, might have impeded front view. So, which seat are you in and who is in your front seat? Now, let me hasten to remind you that the person in your front seat might create obstacles to your success.

So, what am I really saying when I just finished emphasizing the importance of the front seat? My point in this instance is that there are people in your life that you might need to place in the backseat. There are people in your world by means of impeding your progress or other negative impact, will demolish your path to success.

The ideal spot in the backseat

Like Martin Luther King’s experience on the mountaintop, I’ve been at the back seat and know exactly how it feels. I have learnt from losing out on precious inaudible details all because I chose to sit in the back seat; suffering from low self-esteem.

I, Maria, also know what it is to be ridden in the backseat of other people’s lives; only to be recognized when needed. Riding in or being ridden in someone’s backseat is simply NOT the ideal spot in the theatre of life. Such feeling of insignificance is no first class ticket to success.

So, at the end of the day, you have to decide in whose backside you will be a rider or who is the rider in yours.  To chart your course to success, you have to choose your backseat rider(s) and in whose you will allow yourself to be ridden.

Which riders will you allow or eject to your backseat? And, in whose will you allow yourself the pleasure of that ride?

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